In Good Company Episode 2

In the second episode of In Good Company, we head to the 2016 JCK show in Las Vegas to look at the ever-growing role Stuller is playing every day to help jewelers around the world better serve their customers. For other episodes click here: Episode 1    Episode 3    Episode 4    Episode 5

Video Transcript

Las Vegas, Nevada.  Over 40 million people and more than 20,000 trade shows visit this infamous strip every year.  I've been here before but this time, this time is different.  With more than 2 million square feet of exhibit space and over 33,000 attendees, JCK here at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the largest jewelry show in North America.  Let's find out why you're In Good Company with Stuller Inc. here at JCK.

My name is Adam Voss.  I'm a traveler, an entertainer, and a man on the move.  From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, I'm on the hunt for cool companies and what makes them so successful.  Right now, you're In Good Company.

JCK is the jewelry industry's premier event in North America with over 2,300 exhibitors from all over the world.  JCK offers retailers an unparalleled 
shopping experience with everything from tools to technology, finished jewelry to timepieces. JCK is the place to shop. It's a huge show and it's an amazing show because unlike so many trade shows that have the at this point devolved into just networking stuff isn't really bought and sold items, actually bought and sold at the show. People come and look at jewelry and buy it and it's it's an amazingly transactional show.

After nearly getting lost in JCK's tangled web, fortunately I saw a sign.  Adam. It's good to see you my friend, good to see you buddy. The booth looks fantastic.  We're very very excited about all of our businesses in one location.  In this area you know we've got all of our diamonds and gemstones when you have the lab-grown too? The lab created diamonds are receiving great great acceptance in the marketplace.  What have we got over here?  Ok so Adam this is our packaging and display business and here we have watch straps.  You can put your logo here? Yep in this large area Adam we have all of our tools, equipment, finishing products, all of the bench jeweler setups. And then over in the corner, the laser welders.  So what's over here?  Well this is our digital customization booth where we have Matrix, Rhino Gold, three levels of CounterSketch and then we have the ability to connect 3D printers to the software and it will grow a resin of the piece that you designed on the screen.  So I definitely want to check out the 3D printer because I designed a ring when I came to Lafayette. I want to check out that Ever and Ever is that a new collection? Ever and Ever is a bridal program that we introduced a year ago at this show.  Going to bring you over and introduce you to Maren Rosen and let her speak to you about that.

So Maren I saw Ever and Ever and Ken Dugas told me to come talk to.  What's going on over here it's beautiful.  Thank you.  It's a virtual inventory solution for our retailers.  It's an alloy base with a CZ, so it represents the real thing so it gives the consumer the ability to touch and feel when they come in the store and then you know I like this but I was looking for something else or come in with a picture and can you design this for me Mr. Retailer? Well sure. Along with the prototypes we also have this really great program called CounterSketch Studio where you can make these modifications.  So they can design the ring of their dreams and then Stuller can make it behind the scenes for them.

While exploring Stuller's booth and vast array of products. I bumped into some of the folks who know Stuller best, their loyal customers.

So what brings you to Stuller today? I wanted to come check out their new booth.  It's huge, it's tremendous. I love that they've got everything in a one-stop shop.  Now I can work with my salesman in all areas of the offerings that Stuller has. its funny it always starts with like the lobster claws like with the little things now they pretty much do everything under the sun. They do everything one-stop shop.

So Harris how this JCK going for you this year?  Been a long week but we're seeing lots of great stuff and we love this show and being out here in the energy of the whole show is fantastic.  And now you're in Atlanta?  Two stores in Atlanta, one in Decatur. And your whole concept for Worthmore is customer experience is really important to you? It's all definitely all about the experience. The store is more funky, concrete, painted floors, fine art on the wall. And we're working with the customers on CounterSketch while other customers are sort of looking over their shoulders on what are they doing you know? And then they want to get involved and say hey can I bring my stuff and you'll help me with the design? That's awesome.  

So I've been walking around at the enormity of JCK is mind-blowing.  Too much. You've been coming to Stuller for 40 years? Yeah long time. So why have you been coming back to Stuller all these years and why did your parents start? It's just the ease ability of working with Stuller, the quality and how fast the turnaround of the product is.  We work in a very unusual market where we cater to a lot of males and they're very definitive with what they want.  It presents a unique opportunity to you know get a sale done in a certain amount of time.  Turnaround time can be the next day and they love that.  All of that stuff is customizable as well?  Who doesn't want a unique engagement ring? Phenomenal phenomenal. I mean I think no I think today that is one of the most important things is that every individual wants something unique and that's what Stuller and their Ever and Ever collection offers its astronomical. I'd love to check out your operation. Well you certainly can we would love to have you in Chicago plenty of good food we'd love to have you.  Yes I'm coming I'll see you in Chicago.

Tonight we celebrate Stuller, we celebrate JCK here in Vegas and most especially we thank you and I toast each and every one of you to a wonderful wonderful summer and a selling season ahead.  God bless each and every one of you. 

So as we learned here at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, JCK is truly a world-class shopping experience for retailers around the globe and Stuller is right at the heart of that ecosystem helping customers choose, change, and create the jewelry industry of the future.  And I for one want to learn more so I'm off to Chicago. Until then you're In Good Company.
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